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Shaping the Future Together

Pamela’s List is formed on the principle of conducting things differently. Unlike other staffing companies, we at Pamela’s List ensure that all of our registered travel nurses are placed on highly paid jobs across multiple exciting locations of their choice. To set us apart within the industry, our primary goal is the ensure that our uncompromised and top-notch services before, during, and after the travel assignment serve as the differentiating advantage. To help you find the job of your dreams, our dedicated staff will ease your travel experience by eliminating all headaches that you may have experienced in the past on your travel assignments.

Serving as a premier travel nurse staffing company, our promise is to go out of the way and provide an exceptional standard of service, which makes our company parallel to none within the medical staffing industry. Pamela’s List, your one-stop-shop solution for ultimate career advancement, will ensure that all of our nurses are placed in excellent positions across top hospitals and medical institutes, receive 24/7 customer support, and take home an attractive salary.

Pamela's Mission

Our mission at Pamela’s List is to provide the best paying travel nursing jobs with excellent positions at the leading hospitals and medical institutes across the United States. Our promise is to always be with you in every aspect of the journey, no matter where it may take you. We strive to deliver employment experiences which are beyond just putting your signature on a contract.

Pamela's Vision

Our vision at Pamela’s List is to serve as the number one choice employer for registered travel nurses. With the experiences which travel nurses may have had in the past, either negative or positive, we will strive to reestablish the framework of operations within the medical staffing industry so that all nursing professionals can experience a whole new world of endless possibilities. For this purpose, Pamela’s List is always on the lookout for securing the best job opportunities for registered nurses at the top hospitals and institutes offering the highest salaries. With our nurses being at the forefront of our business objectives, Pamela’s List will always go the extra mile in bringing the best for you.

Pamela's Values

Here at Pamela’s List, we believe in integrity, trust, respect, passion, client focus, innovation, and continuous improvement. Flip each card below to learn more about our values.

We're Here
For You

We are more accessible and personal than any other agency out there.


We’re your friend next door and neighbor down the street—not the big box company that does not provide the personal touch as we do.

The Bridge

We bridge the gap between large universities, community hospitals, skilled nursing, and retail pharmacy by delivering the perfect candidate nationwide.

Community Dedication

We’re passionate about preserving community healthcare.


We do more than standard contracts – we deliver the best for both client and candidate


We utilize strategic sourcing to improve the traditional contracts by staying in contact with our candidates from graduation to retirement.

Large Scale Thinking

We work daily with smaller businesses to increase our marketing capabilities and brand, but are still big enough to handle the larger MSP orders.

Communication Focused

We assign dedicated account managers to ensure the continuity from submission, offer, contract, and beyond.

Transition Strategists

Wherever you are on your own path, or wherever you want to go—we’ll help you get there.

Pamela's Message

The Future, Built For You

Healthcare is evolving like never before, and no one can say for sure what’s next. But one thing is certain, this is not the time for one-size-fits-all solutions. That way of thinking is in the past, and Pamela’s List is the future. With decades of experience, we know how to staff the professionals which are best suited for your needs.

At Pamela’s List, we believe the best path for you is the one designed for you. When we acquire a new client, the support team meets to decide the best plan to staff the clients’ needs. As the relationship grows and demands increase, we keep an open line of communication with the clients working to reach their goals.

This type of supplier-client relationship may be new to some of you, but this has been the Pamela’s List’s way from day one. We feel the more challenging healthcare becomes, the more steadfast we will be for our clients, ensuring unwavering commitment during the good times and the bad. 

Hear It From The
Nurses Themselves

Hear It From The
Nurses Themselves

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