My name is Pamela Lynn Paulson and I have been working as a professional within the medical staffing industry for over 30 years. During my entire career as a professional, I came across many instances whereby staffing companies would take advantage of their registered nurses and would only seek personal benefit rather than passing it onto the traveling nurses. The sole reason of such activities being greed, I decided to embark upon the entrepreneurship journey and to start my own travel nursing staffing company.

Being the owner at Pamela’s list, I am looking forward to raising the standard of how travel nurses are treated within the medical staffing industry. Through sheer resources and connections across top hospitals and other medical institutions, Pamela’s list will provide job opportunities which will be unparalleled to any other staffing company within the industry. With top pay, 24/7 dedicated customer support, excellent positions and exciting locations, Pamela’s List will strive to become the number one choice employer for registered travel nurses.

With our company’s philosophy deeply enrooted in ensuring that our registered nurses receive the best experience during their travel assignments, Pamela’s list will provide utmost respect, honesty, transparency and integrity in its operations. While you are out working on an assignment, we are working around the clock to ensure that your assignment remains hassle free and all processes are streamlined prior to embarking upon a new assignment.

If you are in search of a travel nursing staffing company which recognizes the work you do, the sacrifices you make and the efforts that you put in, Pamela’s list will always acknowledge all your hard work and serve as the continuous supporting shoulder by being your biggest advocate, friend and cheer leader.

Join Pamela’s List today and explore a whole new world of endless possibilities.


American Heart Association

L&D Registered Nurse AWHOON

CEUS (Continuing Education Credits)


Our mission at Pamela’s List is “to provide the best paying travel nursing jobs with excellent positions at the leading hospitals and medical institutes across the United States. Regardless of your travel journey, our promise is to always be with you in every aspect of the journey. We strive to deliver employment experiences which are beyond just putting your signature on a contract”.

Our Vision

Our vision at Pamela’s List is “to serve as the number one choice employer for registered travel nurses. With the experiences which travel nurses may have had in the past, either negative or positive, we will strive to reestablish the framework of operations within the medical staffing industry so that all nursing professionals could experience a whole new world of endless possibilities. For this purpose, Pamela’s List is always on the lookout for securing the best job opportunities for its registered nurses at the top hospitals and institutes offering the highest paychecks. With our nurses being at the forefront of our business objectives, Pamela’s List will always go the extra mile in bringing the best for you”.