Pamela’s List is the primary medical staffing company that was established in Las Vegas, NV that is able to serve across the United States in multiple arenas to include corporate, government, and so much more.
Pamela’s List works with licensed clinicians seeking travel or permanent placement contracts across the United States.
Pamela’s List offers opportunities in many cities across the country.
Yes, here at Pamela’s List, we love to help new travelers begin their journey.
Pamela’s List nurses typically have 2 years of travel experience, but it varies according to client and circumstance.
Pamela’s List is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year. We work around the clock just like you.
A Pamela’s List Recruiter is most likely a traveler like yourself, or has had previous experience in the medical field. They know what it’s like because they’ve been there.

Pamela’s List will be here for you as an employer, friend, and advocate.

Yes, you can apply understanding that tax free will not be available for that specific opening.
Pamela’s List contracts vary. They can typically be 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks, or 52 weeks.
You can absolutely take time off between assignments, however it is not Paid Time Off (PTO).
Here at Pamela’s List, we focus on relationships and value all that you do. We offer medical, dental, and vision insurance. Pamela’s List perks include random gifts from Pamela herself, and seasoned recruiters and are always available and treat you like family.
The sign up process can vary based on your specialty. The minimum required documents that are needed to travel with Pamela’s List are your resume, two professional references, licenses, certifications, driver’s license, and on the job experience.
Yes, of course! It’s as easy as a reservation. We will be here for you from graduation to retirement.
Yes! Sharing your specialties with us makes you more marketable, and we highly recommend sharing your expertise with us so we can find you the job best suited for your needs.
Unfortunately, we do not accept checklists from other agencies. But we’re happy to help you in any way we can to create your new one with us.
Once you create a profile on Pamela’s List, anything you upload will be retained for use as you need it.
Approved references are anyone who has been in a supervisory role for you within the last year.
We can accept written references as long as they are within the last year.
No, we can build your profile as you complete the necessary requirements to ensure smooth transition to your first assignment once all requirements are met.
You can use a reference for one year.
They are notifications you will receive to indicate one or more of your credential requirements are expiring (i.e. license, heart cards etc.). These notifications will come to you from Pamela’s List at 60 day, 30 day and 14 day increment reminders.
All of the information you upload to your Pamela’s List profile is private and secure.

Speak with your Pamela’s List recruiter, our HR Department, or e-mail us at info@pamelaslist.net

An ASAP start date means the client needs you as soon as possible, usually within 7 days pending credentialing requirements.
Once you complete uploading all of the documents required to your Pamela’s List profile and they have been submitted, a nursing manager will reach out to you for your interview.
When you are applying for a position, you will have an area to fill in your time-off requests.
You can apply for as many positions you are interested in.
Once we have received notification of a rejection, we will notify you of what information was given to us from the client.
If you would like Pamela’s List to represent you, then you will need to write a letter stating that you would like Pamela’s List to represent you and disavow the other company through an email template that we will provide to you upon your request.
If you want to switch agencies to join Pamela’s List, the extension would not be applicable. It would be considered a new contract.
If a position goes on hold, it is due to offers being sent out for said position, but the clinician has not yet signed the contract and the position may be reopened.
Of course! You may be submitted to any position you are interested in.
Once you have been submitted for the position, you will get a notification within 48 hours.
It really depends on the client. Here at Pamela’s List, we do everything we can to get you the offer as soon as possible.
Ideally ASAP! After 24 hours, the offer may be rescinded.
Pamela’s List offers medical, dental and vision insurance, and options to choose from also including 401K, financial planners, and more!

We provide housing options to help you find your home away from home. You can find them under the Resources section.

Yes, we have a two-tier referral program.

Tier 1. If you are an active traveler with Pamela’s List, for your first 3 referrals that the nurses work for their contract, you will receive $300.00. For 4 – 9 referrals, you will receive $500.00, and for 10+ referrals you will receive $1,000.00 for one calendar year.

Tier 2. If you are not an active traveler with Pamela’s List, you will be paid $1 for each hour that your traveler works at the end of each month.

Yes, Pamela’s List has a fully dedicated credentialing team fully available to you.
To start your new contract, you need to turn in all required documentation and complete the credentialing process.
No, our credentialing team does that for you.
Yes, Pamela’s List offers the maximum GSA allowable amount for meals, lodging, and to include mileage reimbursement.
Yes, you are entitled to receive the tax-free reimbursement provided the job location is 75 miles outside of your home, where you pay rent or mortgage.
Per diem pay is local shift-to-shift, that are non-contractual income options for you from the client.
The pay you see is the gross weekly amount, which varies from each assignment according to status and exemptions.
How often you get paid depends on the company you are with. As for Pamela’s List, you get paid every Friday.
You will turn in time cards electronically. All of the instructions will be emailed to you by our payroll department prior to the start of your assignment.
We will reach out to you on Monday to let you know that we have not received it. If your timecard is not turned in by Monday 1pm PST, your pay will be delayed until the following Friday.
As part of your loyalty bonus, you will be reimbursed a credentialing requirement for ACLS and BLS.
Yes. We require you to show your receipts as proof of the amount needed for reimbursement.
We only reimburse mileage for your travel expenses.
As part of your loyalty bonus, you will be reimbursed a credentialing requirement provided that you sign an extension for your state licensure.
Yes, you will be paid for orientation hours.
Yes, they are guaranteed may be adjusted according to the census. If we are able to bill, we are able to pay.
Rates may vary according to the circumstances.
Yes, a facility can end your contract early according to the census. If this happens, Pamela’s List will do everything that we can to get you redirected as quickly as possible.

Step 1. Share with your manager that you would like to extend your contract.

Step 2. Let your Pamela’s List Recruiter know you’re interested in extending your contract. This should also begin dialog halfway through your contract.

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