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Pamela Paulson

President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Pamela Paulson, Founder and CEO of Pamela’s List LLC, created a diverse medical staffing corporation, which provides opportunities and partnerships for professionals seeking travel and permanent placement.  

Pamela Paulson is a diverse executive with foresight and imagination. She has a remarkable history of surpassing aggressive business goals and delivering revolutionary advancements to the medical staffing industry. Pamela has a consistent record of positioning clients and professionals for success, spurring multimillion-dollar sales growth, and building highly accomplished teams that demonstrate an intense dedication to operational excellence, reinforced by her vast network of professionals nationwide.

At Pamela’s List – Pamela leads as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), where she manages a $6 million LLC and drives her exceptional staff of 70. While providing inventive solutions and expanding business capabilities, Pamela continues to empower colleagues and clients alike to become tremendously successful.  

As CEO of Pride Medical Staffing, she was appointed Prime Vendor for one of the largest skilled nursing companies in California, where she pioneered VMS structuring for the Allied healthcare industry. Pamela managed and staffed 21 healthcare facilities throughout the state, interfacing with 63 contracted vendors and providing her clients with exceptional professionals. As a result of her tenacity and dedication, Pride was retained as the sole proprietary vendor.

Prior to her proven success as a CEO, Pamela was a Branch Director at Canopy Healthcare (now HRN Services Inc.), Director of Travel Nursing/Contract Acquisition, and business development/recruitment specialist. Pamela oversaw over 1,200 licensed professionals on contract as a prime vendor for the county of San Diego. 

As she has demonstrated both an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial spirit, Pamela has an innate ability to quickly identify and actualize valuable ideas, employing astute strategies that maximize organizational capabilities, operations, service offerings, and staffing performance. She has obtained a Master of Business Administration from the school of business at the University of San Diego, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Medical Office Management.


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Michelle Ehrlich

Michelle Ehrlich

Director of Permanent Placement

Hi, Michelle Ehrlich here! I have been recruiting since 2016 and most recently was named Director of Permanent Placement for Pamela’s List. We are expanding our permanent placement division and are staffing for all industries. We have jobs with all experience levels that have both hourly and annual salary. As a Client Service Recruiter, my job is similar to putting together a puzzle. Finding the candidate that has all of the qualifications and is agreeable to the specifications for the position the client is trying to fill is rewarding. I think of my candidates as more than just another person, they are part of our Pamela’s List family. Are you looking for a new travel assignment or permanent position? I am eager to help you find the best partnership that works for you both.

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