Hear It From The Nurses Themselves

First Traveler with Pamela’s List

“Back in 2016, I took my very first assignment and I started working with Pamela. I had so much uncertainty of what to expect in the travel nursing world and Pamela put my mind at ease! I had no idea that I was Pamela’s List’s first traveler– you could have never guessed from the professionalism I received since day one! Pamela really knows how to fight for higher rates, and how to make contracts what you need them to be. There have been multiple times where I have worked for other companies and have just not been satisfied, so I send a message to Pamela and she gets me the same job with higher pay. In travel nursing, it is so important to be valued for the hard work we do, and Pamela knows this. It is SO RARE for a recruiter to truly have your best interests at heart. Pam works so hard for us, and the travel nursing world is a much better place with her in it. Her company values our hard work and their pay packages prove it. Pamela’s List has proven time and time again that our hard work is and should be compensated for what it’s worth!”

Megan Z L&D RN
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“The thing that keeps me coming back to Pamela’s List is them always going the extra mile for me, even when something’s going wrong with the hospitals, facilities, or credentialing process. They also go the extra mile to make you feel like family.”

ICU Nurse

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“I’ve had the joy of working on an assignment with Pamela, and I can tell you that her and her company are a cut above the industry. There are great recruiters out there, but Pamelas goes above and beyond for her nurses. I can guarantee you that.”

Nancy Mignonia
ICU Nurse

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“We’ve worked together now going on about 3 years, and we love it. Great contracts, good money, and exciting places. Come join us at Pamela’s List, where you can find your next great adventure.”

Wendy Seipert & Dane Huneke
CT Techs

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“I am a nurse with Pamela’s List, and I’ve known Pamela since 2015. I wanted to let you know that she’s more like family than just a recruiter. I reach out to her if I have any questions. She always helps me whether it is monetarily or socially. She’s so helpful.”

Julie Solis

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“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for Pamela’s List and how easy they made the process for me to jump into my first travel assignment. They were able to get me to work very quickly.”

Chris Lewis

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“Last year, I had the chance to travel with Pamela’s List. Pamela’s List is an amazing company. The process was absolutely smooth, everybody was very responsive, and I really felt like I was taken care of as a traveler. They really do take care of their people.”

Brandi S

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“I have been traveling exclusively for the last 13 years. I had met Pamela Paulson online, reached out, and we had communicated over a year before I took a contract with her. I can honestly say she worked really hard to get what I needed and wanted in a contract, and she always has my back. You can’t go wrong with Pamela Paulson on your side.”

Cat Morgan

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“I’ve known Pamela for several years now. I just wanted to say that she advocates for her nurses. She really loves what we do. If you’re looking for a company to work for who’s going to look out for your best interests rather than the hospital’s interests, you need to reach out to Pam. She is awesome!”

Yvette Recamier Lattimore

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“I’ve been a travel nurse for over 10 years now. When I first entered the travel industry, I networked with Pamela. Pamela has been very knowledgeable about the travel industry. They’re very transparent, and she’s always done her best to fight for the best rates possible. If you’re looking for your next assignment, hit up Pamela’s List. You’ll thank me later.”

Tammy Rowe

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“If you are in the medical field, and if you are considering travel nursing, please call my friend and my sister, Pamela Lynn Paulson. Not only does she treat you very well as a client, being the best recruiter ever, but she treats you as if you were a family member, I mean totally genuine. Give her a phone call, you will not regret it. She will meet all your traveling needs.”

Ingrid Jasmin

“As an RN Traveler with Pamela’s List, I am currently in Las Vegas all the way from Texas! Pamela was able to place me in an assignment here in Las Vegas that fits me perfectly! Joining the team was quick, and the ability to go to work to begin making money was fast! Anytime I need anything at all, Pamela and her team are always available to me, just as if I am reaching out to my family and friends. It’s comforting knowing that someone, an entire team, has my back in order to keep some serious financial stability!”

Shelley T.

“I have known Pamela for 5 years on Facebook, and have also been her friend for that long. We communicated multiple times throughout this friendship via Messenger. Even though I was not yet working with her, she always was there for me. She always gave me wise and accurate advice, which helped me tremendously. I am finally working with her company for my first contract, and I can say that I wish I had started working with her a long time ago. My first contract got canceled a week prior to the start date. She told me not to worry, and that she would find me something better, and she sure did. Within 24 hours, she had found me a better paying contract. She is always available for her nurses as she does advertise. She really cares, and THAT alone is more than we can say about most other companies out there. Pamela, keep up the good work. I hope to be part of your team for a long time.”

Mario Bouchard

“I’ve known Pamela for 6 years. We met thru Facebook when she was recruiting for another agency. Even before I started working with her, she took an interest in how things were going with the current contract and wherever I ended up. She would always give me suggestions on places to visit. Fast forward to August 2020, I finally took a contract with Pamela’s List and got the best paying contract I’ve had to date. I managed to pay off my credit cards and save up a nice rainy day fund. Pamela would even send me little care packages, and still does that even though I am not currently on contract. My son and I both have had some health problems the last few months, and Pamela will check in on both of us. I have recommended several people to Pamela as I consider her a friend as well as an employer.”

Lena Maynard

“I have traveled with many companies all over the United States, and Pamela is one of the top recruiters and companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She genuinely cares, not only professionally but also personally for her nurses. My contracts through Pamela’s List have ALWAYS been smooth, and she goes the extra mile to make her nurses feel appreciated– on top of always being paid the highest!! I firmly believe that behind every great travel nurse is a great recruiter, and Pamela is just that and so much more!!”

Meghan Deberg

“I’ve only had one other recruiter who was so kind and funny. How many of you can honestly say they have a recruiter or employer/CEO that sends them surprises just because, calls to make sure they got to their place and safe, remembers birthdays, cares about their children, remembers dates, and so much more. Pamela Lynn Paulson, you have a heart of gold. I will never forget on an assignment how nervous I was to rent a room from someone. I was surprised that you not only remembered what time my flight got in, but stayed on the phone until I was settled in. This was my first assignment. Pam is a great CEO, and still recruits for all of her employees. Not only this, but she really genuinely cares and has your back. I called her at 8pm while on shift for an issue, and not only did Pamela answer, but handled the situation for about an hour. Now you all know most of the recruiters stop answering right before 5pm, and will throw you under the bus for the contract. Pamela will fight for your rights as an RN/medical professional with care, time, and understanding and get you the rate you deserve. Give Pamela at Pamela’s List a try. You will not regret this decision, I surely haven’t. Thank you Pamela Lynn Paulson for your love, caring, and kindness over the years.”

Janelle Lee
L&D Nurse

“In November of 2019, I decided it was time to do another contract in California for 2020, so I started looking online and found Pamela’s List. I reached out and was so surprised at the speedy response from Pamela within days. I had my ideal contract, and I didn’t want to start until February. So here it was mid November, and I was set for February start and the contract was signed. It was the easiest sign up I’ve done, and I’ve traveled off and on for 30 years. Come December 2020, I was ready to go again. Within a week, I had the best contract ever start mid January. I’m still working there now. Pamela’s List has always made it easy, and I’ve never had a problem with paycheck. I work nights, and I send Pamela messages at crazy times, and I’m always surprised with her fast response. There is not a company I would recommend more. I’m loving my job.”

Mary Jo Chauvin

“I’m a Travel RN with Pamela Lynn Paulson. I’ve been California Dreaming for 6 years. Her agency is “Pamela’s List”. Great name for a company, and a great lady that not only finds you the job of your dreams, but treats you like family. I have known Lynn for many years. Her travelers are her friends, and she will go to the greatest length of her ability to meet the expectations for her travelers. She has a team of caring, professional colleagues that ensure contracts and on boarding run smoothly. She fights for each and everyone of her travelers to receive the highest possible pay, the destinations they desire, and the shift they prefer to work. Travel is limitless, enjoy the trip!”

Rejetta Wade

Pamela's List Testimonial Tami Talley CNA

“I would love to share my experience with Pamela’s list with anyone considering this company. Pamela’s List is an awesome company to work for. I have the best recruiter anyone could ask for. Her name is Jessica Donohue. She is not just a 9-5 recruiter. She is always just a phone call, text or email away. I was supposed to start a traveling job in early November but I ended up getting Covid. Jessica called me every day, not to push me to get to work, but just to check in with me to see how I was doing. That really meant a lot more to me than she will ever know. Pamela’s List has become more of a family to me than they are a company to work for. These folks work together really well to help you with any and all problems. I highly recommend them!! Thank you Jessica for making this the job opportunity of a lifetime!!”

Tami Talley


“I have first-hand experience working with Ms. Paulson in the healthcare staffing industry. An opportunity arose approximately 3 years ago when a mutual colleague introduced us and I began to work for Pamela’s List as a Nurse Consultant. During that time, I have found Ms. Paulson to be very detail oriented and a model for exemplary leadership. Just as important, Ms. Paulson is kind and compassionate which are two of the most important traits one must possess when working as a leader in the healthcare industry.”

Archbold Northside Center for Behavioral and Psychiatric Care

“I would like to take a moment to share that the partnership with Pamelas List , LLC has been a very positive experience! Pamela Paulson the CEO, is a committed partner. She will do as much as she can to help fill the staffing requisitions that are presented to her. I know that I can reach out to her anytime. She is receptive and always willing to source for the Professional Clinicians that our clients are requesting. I would highly recommend Pamela Paulson as a dedicated and driven healthcare staffing leader for Nevada and beyond!”


Pavlo Pavlanskyi

“I was looking for a new challenge and came across a posting on LinkedIn with reasonable requirements and it looked like I might have been a good fit. So I applied for that position. Not long time after I applied Sylvia Parker reached out to me to explain to me what exactly they are looking for and to verify whether I may be a right fit. Sylvia answered all of the questions I hd and shared the structure of the interview (how many rounds I can expect). She answered the questions I had along the way promptly and informatively. She also shared every update she had with me. I would rate my experience with Pamela’s List 10 out of 10.”

Pavlo Pavlanskyi
Software Developer of Scout Exchange

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